Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick and Easy Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas

This is a "recipe" which my mom and brother made up. It makes for a great weekend meal for when you can't think of anything else to cook. I discussed this with one of my friends and she makes a yummy-sounding one as well, but it's more work and, since Dylan and I are extremely picky eaters, this one works well for us. Maybe Cassie will grace me with her prescence on my blog and give her recipe. ^^ Oh, and there aren't exact measurements (except for the chicken) as I do this all by sight.


  • 2 (13 oz) canned chicken breast
  • Shredded colby jack cheese
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Tortillas
  • Drain the juice/water from the canned chicken breast. Then place the chicken in a bowl. With a spoon, "mash" the chicken until it has become shredded
  • Add cheese to chicken. I do it all by sight. I like to have just over half-and-half. You kinda just have to experiment and see what you like the best. I think you need just a bit more cheese than chicken, otherwise, it won't melt shut right.
  • Add taco seasoning to taste. I like to make sure that everything is lightly covered.
  • Cook one side of a tortilla until it is barely brown. You don't want it crunchy, as then you won't be able to fold it over.
  • Flip tortilla and put filling on half. Fold it over and cook both sides until lightly browned, making sure the filling is nice and melted. 
  • Enjoy!
My Take
I loooove this recipe. Feel free to experiment, and if you want, measure how much cheese and taco seasoning you put in and lemme know. Like I said, I never measure with this, but I figured I would stick it up here anyway and let you guys have a go at it. Also, lemme know if you try it with any other fillings. 

Oh! And if you want, you can cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich, using 2 tortillas and not folding it. Then you can cut it into wedges and serve it at a party.

The filling also tastes great warmed over tortilla chips; kinda like chicken nachos. 

Okay, so lemme know what you think, and please, feel free to comment. I <3 comments. ^.^


  1. You should so get a quesadilla maker- we got one for a wedding gift and i love it! I never thought to use canned chicken in my quesadillas- might have to try it! :)


  2. Alright honey, if you want my recipe I want to make sure I give it to you.


    Chicken Breast (Usually just 1 large or 2 small. Depends on the size we purchase as we buy the breasts whole.)

    1 Green Pepper

    1 Yellow Onion

    Shredded Cheese (We prefer Colby Jack but any kind will do.)

    1 Pkg Small Flour Tortillas


    Trim any fat from chicken breasts. Dice Chicken and cook in 1 teaspoon of olive oil in pan over medium heat. Salt and pepper to taste. We like to use Cookies seasoning as well. Be careful not to overcook. Remove from heat and set aside.

    Dice green peppers and onion (we usually only use about a fourth of a yellow onion) and cook over medium heat in left over oil from the chicken until onions appear clear. Salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat and set aside.

    Wipe out excess oil from the pan and set one small tortilla into pan. Load it with a small layer of cheese, chicken, and veggies. Top with more cheese and a second tortilla. Cook until tortilla is browned and turn over to cook the other side.

    Slice and serve!

    Addtl: Shawn doesn't like Black Olives but when I can I like to put them on there as well. However I don't cook them, I just add them cold. But the time that tortilla gets flipped they heat up but aren't cooked. They're just perfect. I've also made them with tomatoes and have done the same thing, just add them cold. Cooking the tomatoes just ruins the texture for me, but then again I don't really like tomatoes.

    Also, when it's in season, I like to make sweet corn with it. I'll take one medium ear or corn and boil it with some sugar until it's just done. Then I cut it off the cob and add it to the quesadilla with the other veggies. I find that cooking the corn in the pan really saps the flavor as opposed to boiling it. That's my absolute favorite way to make quesadillas. It just makes it all the more savory.